IT, in all its forms, is at the heart of Teaching and Learning at Latymer Upper School where we encourage students and staff to creatively, sensibly and appropriately explore the learning possibilities offered by digital devices.

We run an iPad one-to-one for students in Year 10 and above, with class sets available for lower year groups and in the Prep school. Teachers use a huge variety of tools (iMovie, Sibelius, Cambridge Latin Course, NearPod, iTunesU, Google Apps for Education) to enhance their classrooms all while keeping a watchful eye on the less desirable aspects of technology.

Students are able to personalise and manage their own learning using digital Student planners, assessment apps like Showbie and digital creation tools to blog, make films, collaborate, design etc.


The School has excellent IT facilities and is one of the leaders in this field in the independent education sector. The use of digital technologies in teaching and learning is a key element of the School’s strategy.

Students have access to networked computers throughout the School, including those in the Library, dedicated Computing Department teaching rooms, Design Technology workshops, a Music Mac lab, Art Studio and a Language Department computer room.

There is fast Wi-Fi Internet connection throughout the School provided by Aruba’s enterprise wireless system.

The School provides iPads to four year groups, years 10 to 13, to be used for learning and research and as a teaching aid in lessons. These iPads are managed remotely using the industry standard AirWatch mobile device management system


Latymer Upper School takes student safety online extremely seriously and takes pro-active measures to ensure all pupils are protected whilst online at the School. The IT Department monitors and filters both emails and the Internet and protects the students while they are using the School’s computers and the network. IT Facilities include:

· Our Music department features a Music Technology Suite with 24 Apple iMacs. These computers are fitted with professional audio interfaces, enabling professional-level music composition and engineering facilities.

· 142 classroom sets of iPads available for Student use during lessons for year groups 7 to 9.

· Language Lab fully equipped with 24 computers.

· Library equipped with 50 “all-in-one” touchscreen computers.

· Our Art Department has 24 MacBook Pros for lessons in Photoshop and 5 iMacs attached to high quality photo printers.

· Every teaching room is equipped with a dedicated PC connected to a projector or a large LED TV Screen, a sound system and also an Apple TV for displaying directly from iPads.

· Two ICT suites open during lunchtime - while the other suites are used for extra lessons and extra-curricular activities.

· Printing facilities available to all which is controlled by our Print Management solution.

· Careers Room with accompanying network suite.

· Firefly CMS is our Virtual Learning Environment, used for setting tasks and homework assignments.

· Every Student has a network account, a secure storage area as well as an email account and a Google Apps for Education account.


The IT Department comprises of nine full-time members of staff. The Director of Digital Services sets the direction of the department in line with the School’s Digital Strategy to ensure the effective use of technology in teaching and learning, and to provide support for both staff and students.

The Department has an IT Helpdesk which students and staff visit for advice or to request assistance with technical issues.

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