School Rules

There is one fundamental School rule, namely that all pupils should, at all times, behave responsibly, sensibly and courteously.

The School does not produce an exhaustive list of rules. Latymerians are expected to conduct themselves in a way consistent with common sense, safety and decency, showing respect for others and themselves, and for the fabric and property of the School.

All pupils are expected to engage positively in the learning process and to work to the best of their ability.

Any pupil who is selected to represent the School in any capacity e.g. sport, drama or music, is expected to do so willingly and cheerfully; this includes participation in all training sessions, rehearsals and fixtures which may be after school and/or at weekends. Permission for absence from any such session will only be granted in exceptional circumstances; where this is sought, parents should apply in writing to the member of staff who is leading the event in good time.

These rules apply when at School, when representing the School, on School trips and on the journey to and from School, whether or not uniform is being worn.


  • Any pupil who is involved with illegal drugs will usually forfeit his/her place at the School
  • Bullying, in whatever manifestation, is directly contrary to Latymer’s ethos of inclusivity and is not tolerated
  • Punctuality is an essential courtesy. All pupils must attend registration and every lesson on time
  • All pupils are required to wear school uniform (or Sixth Formers conform to the Sixth Form dress code) and to take a pride in their appearance
  • Pupils’ use of technology (e.g. the internet, mobile phones, iPods etc.) should always be appropriate, sensitive to others and consistent with the values of the School and personal safety

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