Winners of Latymer alumni short film competition revealed

We’re thrilled to announce the winners of our Latymer alumni short film competition: 2020 VISION: The times we live in 

Following the success of last year’s inaugural ‘Latymer Shorts’ film competition for our pupils, we decided to run something similar for our talented alumni. Latymerians were challenged to capture an experience or reflection on last spring’s lockdown in five minutes or less. 

Who better to judge our exciting entries than a distinguished panel of Latymerians from the creative industries:

Natalie Abrahami (Class of 1998) Theatre Director – Natalie has directed 17 productions including ‘Anna’ at the National Theatre in 2019 and ‘Wings’ at the Young Vic in 2017.

Samir Shah (Class of 1969) Chief Executive and Creative Director of Juniper TV

Adam Tandy (Class of 1981) TV producer and director. Adam is best known for being a producer on TV shows such as ‘Inside No.9’, ‘Catastrophe’ and ‘The Thick of It’

Commenting on the entries, judge Natalie Abrahami said: 

“The entries were fantastic and it was both a pleasure and a privilege to see such an immensely talented field of filmmakers on screen and behind the scenes. It was also very powerful to see how the pandemic had seeped into each and every entry in witty and poignant ways: be it in nefarious machinations in Track and Trace, charting virtual friendships and activities in The Roaring Twenties and Ice-o-Lation, engaging with obsession in Clean, or encapsulating this time fantastic animations in Life in Lockdown.

To watch the Latymerian competition winners click here .


Track and Trace by Jack Wouldouk 2007

“A thoughtfully storyboarded and carefully shot film noir comedy. Great writing and acting.” 

Jonny Bohane – Competition Organiser


Ice-o-lation by Maisie Preston 2014

“The Zoom meeting has become the way of life for so many of us during lockdown. I have never stared or sat so hard for so long at any screen. This genuinely funny piece drew the audience into the world of four neighbours working together to support a fifth unseen friend in hospital. Characters were clearly defined: from the harassed home-schooling parent to the effortless over-achiever, and great performances from all right through to the final emotional twist.”

Adam Tandy – Judge


England Shakes by Hermione Oldham 2016

“You can’t go wrong with PJ Harvey! Some dramatic images and striking close-ups. A surprising and disturbing take on lockdown.”

Samir Shah – Judge


Roaring Twenties by Will Jarvis & Harrison Brewer 2014

“Funny and insightful. You really feel like you have got to know the characters and experienced a whole year of their lives in just five minutes. Great storytelling.”

Jonny Bohane – Competition Organiser


Clean by James Thorpe-Woods 2008

“Single take, great timing, perfectly playing on the paranoia of pandemic. We’ve become a bit too blasé about taking precautions these days, but it’s nice to remember how scary the world became when washing one’s hands became a sinister little ritual that only served to remind everyone that the virus was coming for everyone.”

Adam Tandy – Judge


Life in Lockdown by Rachel Cannings 2017

“Simple but incredibly effective animation with a carefully-crafted soundtrack that sped us through six months of lockdown in a little over a minute. This is 2020 in a nutshell.”

Adam Tandy – Judge


Memory CD: ROSA by Eleanor Beale 2014
“Beautifully choreographed dance in a confined space. An original and unusual interpretation of Lockdown, visually arresting.  Telling and effective intercutting of outside images into the dance.”

Samir Shah – Judge


The Garden of Small Things by Amy Rosenbaum 2014

“An honest and vivid documentary that poignantly reminded the viewer of one of the reasons we willingly went into lockdown: to protect the old and vulnerable, isolated and shielding at home.”

Adam Tandy – Judge


VID-19 by Charlotte & Isobel Collingwood 2016 & 2019

“Beautiful comic counterpoint of childhood memories plundered from old home movies cut to the words of official government announcements, and intercut with the empty eerie reality of lockdown.”

Adam Tandy – Judge


Quarantea by Izi Thexton 2017

“As someone who lost his sense of taste and smell very early on in lockdown, this inventive piece reminded me of how terrible my diet was for most of the spring and summer. Great editing and superb art direction.”

Adam Tandy – Judge


Author: carolineroberts

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