US election sleepover

As a die-hard Hillary supporter and someone with friends living across the pond in the US, I chose to embark upon an all-nighter for the US Election Politics Sleepover this year (8 November). It was a great night to be surrounded by people who are as passionate about politics as you are, and unpredictable nature of the Electoral College System added to the excitement.

The major results of the election, the swing states, only started to roll in at around 2am, but like many of my peers my energy hadn’t started to dwindle quite yet. With the news broadcasters’ updates that states like Ohio and Pennsylvania would be coming in any second, we waited in anticipation. As each state went red or blue, some friends and I had a map simulation of the US and kept trying to see which states each candidate would need to secure the magic 270 votes for President.

Although a Trump victory is certainly not what I wanted or expected to be greeted with in the morning, as my Politics teacher Mr. Goldsmith says, it’s a fascinating time to be studying politics. I had a great time at the sleepover, which was a fun way for us as politics students to get together and see the political concepts we study every day in practice.

Review by Alice Ballard-Rossiter, Sixth Form

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