Founder's Day 2017

Latymerians celebrate Founder’s Day every autumn, in honour of Edward Latymer who established the Latymer Foundation in 1624.

Founder’s Day holds two important purposes for Latymer Upper and Prep Schools. Firstly, it commemorates Edward Latymer who left money in his Will for the schooling of ‘eight poore boyes of Hammersmith’, which, a couple of centuries later, evolved into our School on King Street. Secondly, Founder’s Day is an annual marker for our community to celebrate all that Latymer stands for - in particular our Bursaries programme, which enables the School to offer places to children based purely on academic ability, regardless of their financial background.

This year Founder’s Day has particular significance for our school community, coming as it does just a few weeks after the launch of Inspiring Minds, the Latymer Foundation’s most ambitious bursary fundraising campaign. By the time we celebrate our 400th anniversary in 2024, we hope to have raised enough funds to potentially offer 1 in 4 of our pupils a bursary. This year alone, we welcomed 24 new bursary pupils to Year 7, bringing the total of means tested bursaries at Latymer Upper and Prep Schools to 154.

Founder’s Day begins with a service held in St Paul’s Church, in Hammersmith – a church we have had ties with for many decades. It offers pupils time to reflect on the ethos of Latymer and its unique place in our community. From the spiritual to the pragmatic - this week RAISE, the pupil-led bursary fundraising club, marked Founder’s Day by raising money for Inspiring Minds through the sale of Latymer Foundation wristbands.

Edward Latymer would have been reassured to know Latymerians were keeping his vision alive – and may well have been amused at the Rap created in his name!

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