The Latymer Foundation

Latymer Upper School was created by an act of extraordinary philanthropy.  In 1624, Edward Latymer, a wealthy lawyer and man of property, bequeathed part of his wealth for the clothing and education of “eight poore boyes” from Hammersmith. 

In keeping with the inclusive vision of its founder, Latymer continues to offer such opportunities to West London children, now girls as well as boys and especially those from the local area, by offering a number of means tested bursaries every year, based on the twin criteria of academic merit and family financial circumstances.

The Latymer Foundation exists to provide an academic education of the highest quality to pupils of ability, regardless of background, and the Governors, in their commitment to equality of opportunity provide Bursaries and Scholarships to make this possible.  Just over 1200 children now pass through the School every day.

The School is a charitable trust and has had considerable success in recent years in raising funds for additional means tested bursaries. Detailed information about the number of current award holders may be found in the Governors’ Report section of the Annual Report and Accounts.

The Latymer Foundation is a charitable trust.  Fundraising for means tested bursaries is one of the prime functions of the Foundation, and all members of the Latymer community, past and present, are invited to support the Foundation in its aims.  For further information on bursaries, giving and support, please visit the Giving to Latymer part of the website.