Capital Projects

Transformation and restoration

The School’s transformative building programme will be largely completed by the construction of the new Sports Centre. Nevertheless there remain a number of small to medium projects that would enhance the site and benefit the whole School community.


Played day in day out by over 700 pupils and staff, after 17 years of service the nine workhorse pianos in the Arts Centre are being put out to pasture and need to be replaced.

Join in the chorus and sponsor one octave with a donation of £720 (or £576 plus Gift Aid) and your name e.g. the Sharp Family will be inscribed on a plaque in a music room

Or, if you are more of a soloist, sponsor a whole piano with a donation of £5,750 (or £4,600 plus Gift Aid). Your name and a simple message to generations of Latymerians will be engraved on a plaque attached to the lid e.g. Practice is the key Johann S Bach (2011)

For further details please contact Jane Myerson on 020 3004 0470 or email

New Elements for the Periodic Table

Essentially Latymer’s Periodic Table is itself a living entity that grows with Science’s own advances. Recently the here have been two discoveries that deserve a place in this interactive display: Flerovium (after the Flerov laboratory of nuclear research) and Livermorium (honouring the Lawrence Livermore National laboratory in California that announced its discovery).

The Periodic Table takes pride of place on the Chemistry floor of the Science and Library Building and has already inspired generations of students with a lifelong fascination for the elusively simple but also complex composition of matter. The School aims to continue to add new discoveries to this vital teaching tool for the foreseeable future. Each sponsor of an element is acknowledged on a repeating slide show on one of the display screens.

Main hall flooring

Restoring the original wooden flooring in the Main Hall, together with new lighting and sound, would enhance this iconic Latymer venue and make it appropriate for large School events such as alumni reunions, pupil assemblies and parent functions.

Seahorse Studio

The beautiful Seahorse Studio (the former Squash Court) near Rivercourt House has recently been Grade II listed. Built in the early 1930s and designed by architect JEM Macgregor, it was commissioned by Naomi Mitchison, a prominent novelist, whose home was the centre of a distinguished literary and artistic circle. A much loved building, it is now in need of repair externally if its distinctive maritime character is to be preserved.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to support these and other capital projects at Latymer, then please contact Amanda Scott.

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