There are two major points of entry to Latymer Upper School, at 11+ and 16+.


Admission to Latymer Upper School at 11+ (Year 7) is through competitive exams and interview for those pupils who do well in the exams. All pupils who are registered prior to the deadline will be invited to sit the written examination which covers English and Maths.  The Entrance Exam will be held on Tuesday 13th January 2015, at Latymer.  The interviews are usually scheduled for a Saturday in late January.  Interviews cover questions in Maths and English along with those of a more general nature. Offer letters are sent out in mid-February and families have approximately two weeks to accept or refuse Latymer's offer of admission.   Those who accept the offer will be asked to confirm that they have not accepted an offer from another school and to return a non-refundable £1,000 confirmation deposit.

The timetable for entry at 11+ in September 2015 is available here.

Registrations for 11+ entry in 2015 will close on 17th November at 12 noon.


Entry to the Sixth Form at Latymer Upper School is through personal statement, school report and confidential school reference with selected candidates being invited for interview on a Saturday in late November. Candidates are interviewed by a member of the Senior Management Team and senior subject staff. Candidates who are successful at interview will be made offers in which they will be required to achieve at least an A Grade in the subjects to be studied at A Level.  Candidates must also pass GCSE Maths and English or English Literature with grades of C or better. Offers are made in early December. 

Registrations for 16+ entry in 2015 closed on 20th October at 12 noon.

The timetable for entry at 16+ in September 2015 is available here.


GCSE and A Level Results - 2014

Please click here for GCSE Results and here for A Level Results.

Leavers' Destinations at September 2014

Please click here for Leavers' Destinations.


FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ON BOTH POINTS OF ENTRY, PLEASE do not hesitate to get in touch with the Admissions Office on 020 7993 0063